I was honestly tired of looking but we hadn't picked everything out yet from anywhere else. I already had carpet and flooring picked out from another seller but my husband mentioned that Designer Showroom sells countertops. Since we needed both new flooring and new countertops, we went to their showroom. I'm *really* glad we did. We ended up spending over ten thousand dollars and it was worth every penny.

Sarah W

The minute I walked into Designer Floors of Texas I knew I was going to find everything my client was looking for. The showroom is both a work of art and an inventory marvel.

Russell Epright Homes

Designer Floors of Texas has everything we need, especially the hard-to-find items. Their selection has consistently exceeded our homebuyers expectations.

Sterling Homes

Designer Floors of Texas has the most extensive inventory I have ever seen. The showroom offers an atmosphere that allows my clients to be both comfortable and creative during the interior design process.

George Singer Custom Builder